A Tool to Ease Worries

I had the honor recently of contributing to the blog of an inspiring company, Slumberkins, co-founded by a therapist colleague whom I met in graduate school and worked alongside in school-based mental health for a number of years. Her dream was to create a cuddly creature that supports children in building a variety of skills…Read more »

Back to School with Grief

The beginning of a new school year can be an abrupt transition for people of all ages. It often blends both hope and loss: Parents and caregivers may feel ready to return to a more structured and consistent daily routine, but sad to say goodbye to the family time and special outings summer often brings. Kiddos may…Read more »

What are we reading this summer?

Summer has arrived, and with it might come the opportunity for a bit of reading (with your kiddos or by yourself)! Below are some of my favorite recommendations — click on their titles for links. Books can support children in expressing their feelings and dealing with challenging life situations, as well as deliver information about…Read more »

When in doubt, empathy

We’ve all been there: A simple request of our child, like hanging their jacket on the hook by the front door, results in a behavior disproportionately larger than needed. Your child stomps their feet proclaims fiercely “I’m not going to! You can’t make me!” More than likely, this response triggers us and our once calm…Read more »