I strive to meet you, your children, and your family exactly where you are, building a relationship grounded in trust and enlivened by creativity, humor and empathy. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to counseling, and I see each and every client as a unique individual. This allows me to draw from various evidenced-based therapy models and techniques depending on your needs:

  • I am trained in EMDR, Trauma Center Trauma-sensitive Yoga (a somatic therapy that incorporates movement to support trauma recovery), Internal Family Systems (“parts work”), Perinatal Mental health through Postpartum Support International, and Attachment-focused Play Therapy.
  • I often employ mindfulness techniques, collaborative problem solving, cognitive-behavioral, family therapy and expressive arts interventions during sessions.
  • My work is person-centered, systems-oriented and attachment-focused. I view people as deeply linked to the larger systems that surround us, and honor the internal web of emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and life experiences that contribute to our whole selves.

I provide the following counseling services in both English or Spanish 

Proveo los siguientes servicios en ingles y español

chris-lawton-154388-unsplashChild and Family Therapy –

Children respond to trauma and stress in ways that can feel hard for the caregivers in their lives to understand. Their emotional symptoms may be paired with physical and behavioral challenges.  The therapy room is a place where children can practice self-regulation and decision-making, and families can try new ways of communicating with one another to reduce conflict and support the unique gifts each member has to share with the world. My approach to child and family counseling is collaborativehonoring you as the expert on your child while offering tangible ideas based on current brain research and therapeutic experience. I use a mix of non-directive and structured arts & play therapy interventions to invite my younger clients to express themselves both symbolically and with words. Sessions also may include other developmentally appropriate tools in order for us adults to better understand children’s experiences, hopes and needs. 


Adolescent/Teen Individual Therapy –

Adolescence is an exciting time of incredible change, which can include high levels of self-consciousness, experimentation and new focus on peers as primary support system. For teens, concerns can often show up first as physical or behavioral symptoms, rather than clearly communicated emotional distress. When working with teens, I invite them to take off the many masks they wear in various arenas of their lives and connect to their core values. Through respecting their autonomy and strengths, and deeply listening to their stories, I seek to create a trusting, confidential environment in which to help navigate the often tumultuous tides in this phase of their lives. I have found that often teens have a hard time talking with their parents about emotionally charged topics. I consult with parents on how to open up such conversations with their teens and model healthy interpersonal communication.


Individual Adults —

Our fast-paced world can leave us feeling overwhelmed, lonely, or conflicted. Counseling offers a dedicated space for you to slow down, unpack the stress you’re carrying, and welcome a shift in perspective by gaining greater clarity. Adapting to change or surviving traumatic experiences takes tremendous strength and can be fostered through creating a space where you feel seen and safe. Feeling heard and understood during moments of attuned connection helps your brain to form new neural pathways, inspires creativity and supports new ways of being in the world. Through the therapeutic relationship, you can get curious about the parts of yourself that hurt, doubt, overwork, or feel intense emotions, and practice responding to them with compassion — opening yourself to a more balanced way of living and relating to yourself and those around you.