Mindfulness & Movement Videos for Kids

This year in Bend, it seems as if winter will last forever. It’s March and the days are getting longer but the snow keeps sticking around, becoming ice chunks or slush puddles and far less fun to play in than fluffy stuff! It can be challenging to get outdoors as often as we’d hope in these conditions, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite educational videos that promote movement and mindfulness. These guided exercises engage kiddos in exploring their breath, bodies and minds!

MINDFULNESS — The following videos support children in learning to pay attention to their breath, thoughts, emotions and the physical sensations in their bodies to connect with their calm. Many of these videos have similar results… See if your child can choose the video that works best for them and practice during a Mindfulness Break days.

The Listening Game | Cosmic Kids Zen Den

Breath Meditation for Kids 

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids – Helps children bring their awareness to specific parts of the body and notice how they feel in the present moment.

3 Minute Body Scan Meditation– Supports both in relaxing and release pent-up emotions through a “body scan”, while working to train attention.

Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids– This is another 5 minute video that allows kids to explore their thoughts and feelings as a way of calming themselves so that we can feel calmer and happier whenever we need to.

Guided Meditation for Children – This guided meditation video uses a rainbow waterfall theme and music to imagine they are visiting a magical waterfall that washes away stress and worry and replaces.

Soothing Sleep Music for Children– This video is a three hour selection of soothing tones and calming music to help kids fall asleep. 

20-minute Guided Mindfulness Exercise– This video would be appropriate for older children or teens who are interested in following a guided exercise. 

Videos to teach kids about Mindfulness concepts:

How Mindfulness Empowers Us – An animated narrative that illuminates the concepts of mindfulness through a tale of two wolves.

Kids Explain Mindfulness– This video is an interesting take on mindfulness from kids’ perspectives. 

Mind the Bump– is another informative video that explains information on mindfulness, the brain, and the importance of mindfulness and meditation.

Teaching Mindfulness To Children At Home And In Schools– This video (for older children) teaches students about mindfulness and how it can help you reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Science Behind Mindfulness Meditation– This video explains about the science of meditation and the power of the mind, using recent studies of neuroscience. 

Bite-Sized Mindfulness (video for parents and educators)! A great Ted Talk that highlights the benefits of mindfulness and gives suggestions for how to integrate mindful moments into each day.

MOVEMENT: Get up and grooving with these fun, engaging YouTube Channels!

Go Noodle – This website is popular with teachers for Brain Break time and has both movement and mindfulness videos

Debbie Doo- These colorful songs and dance routines are perfect for younger kids.

Cosmic Kids Yoga- An awesome collection of yoga routines presented as adventures for kids.

PBS SteveSongs- The Steve Songs videos feature a popular PBS performer.

The Learning Station- A huge range of fun action songs kids will love.

Have Fun Teaching- As an adult, the Fitness Songs are on the repetitive side but my girls love them! Better for younger grades.

Dance Sweat Live- The Mini Workouts feature simple dance routines to popular songs. Great for older kids too.

Move to Learn- Simple, fun workouts for children across a range of ages.B

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