Creating Safety, Pt II: The Power of Rupture-Repair

Life will pull us in all sorts of directions… …A bad night sleep….         … Traffic on the way to work….                 …A sick kiddo….                         …The next breaking news story. Even our adultContinue reading “Creating Safety, Pt II: The Power of Rupture-Repair”

Back to School with Grief

The beginning of a new school year can be an abrupt transition for people of all ages. It often blends both hope and loss: Parents and caregivers may feel ready to return to a more structured and consistent daily routine, but sad to say goodbye to the family time and special outings summer often brings. Kiddos mayContinue reading “Back to School with Grief”

Kiddos + Connection: The Essential Ingredient

Recently, I attended a conference unlike any I’d been to before. During sign in, a person in brightly colored clothing, beaming from ear-to-ear, invited us to choose an animal from the photos of a skunk, cow, crab and butterfly that lined the aprons they wore. In a split-second decision and unsure of what to expect,Continue reading “Kiddos + Connection: The Essential Ingredient”

3 Parenting Musts: Love, Limits & Guidance

Views on children and parenting have shifted dramatically over the years. In 1928, founder of behaviorism, John Watson, published a book warning against too much parental affection toward children, claiming that love and comfort would create unrealistic expectations and lead to adult psychological problems! As recently as the 1950’s, many in the pediatric and psychological establishments believed that there was no realContinue reading “3 Parenting Musts: Love, Limits & Guidance”