Creating Safety, Pt III: Building a Special Place

I’ve been excited about writing this post since beginning this series on Creating Safety and glad to finally dive into one of my favorite topics: the impact physical spaces have on our emotional wellbeing and ability to self-regulate. Such calming spaces are an important element of a child’s emotional “Safety Plan”, and can be bothContinue reading “Creating Safety, Pt III: Building a Special Place”

Creating Safety, Pt II: The Power of Rupture-Repair

Life will pull us in all sorts of directions… …A bad night sleep….         … Traffic on the way to work….                 …A sick kiddo….                         …The next breaking news story. Even our adultContinue reading “Creating Safety, Pt II: The Power of Rupture-Repair”

Creating Safety, Pt I: Knowing our Triggers

A common concern families often bring to therapy is around what to do when their child hits a roadblock. What exactly this roadblock, stuck place, shutdown or meltdown look like depends greatly on your unique child’s temperament, life experience and developmental stage. Given this, there is no one-size fits all approach to supporting your childContinue reading “Creating Safety, Pt I: Knowing our Triggers”

Back to School with Grief

The beginning of a new school year can be an abrupt transition for people of all ages. It often blends both hope and loss: Parents and caregivers may feel ready to return to a more structured and consistent daily routine, but sad to say goodbye to the family time and special outings summer often brings. Kiddos mayContinue reading “Back to School with Grief”

What are we reading this summer?

Summer has arrived, and with it might come the opportunity for a bit of reading (with your kiddos or by yourself)! Below are some of my favorite recommendations — click on their titles for links. Books can support children in expressing their feelings and dealing with challenging life situations, as well as deliver information aboutContinue reading “What are we reading this summer?”