Creating Safety, Pt III: Building a Special Place

I’ve been excited about writing this post since beginning this series on Creating Safety and glad to finally dive into one of my favorite topics: the impact physical spaces have on our emotional wellbeing and ability to self-regulate. Such calming spaces are an important element of a child’s emotional “Safety Plan”, and can be bothContinue reading “Creating Safety, Pt III: Building a Special Place”

Kiddos + Connection: The Essential Ingredient

Recently, I attended a conference unlike any I’d been to before. During sign in, a person in brightly colored clothing, beaming from ear-to-ear, invited us to choose an animal from the photos of a skunk, cow, crab and butterfly that lined the aprons they wore. In a split-second decision and unsure of what to expect,Continue reading “Kiddos + Connection: The Essential Ingredient”

When in doubt, empathy

We’ve all been there: A simple request of our child, like hanging their jacket on the hook by the front door, results in a behavior disproportionately larger than needed. Your child stomps their feet proclaims fiercely “I’m not going to! You can’t make me!” More than likely, this response triggers us and our once calmContinue reading “When in doubt, empathy”